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4 player Arcade Machine (Side Wrap)

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Introducing Arcade Machine (Side Wrap) 4 player version. 

All of our arcade machines are great for your home, office or man cave. Available in different trim color also called t-molding or edging. All of our 4 player units come with a 8 button control deck for first and second player, and 6 button for third and forth with an option for you to add a trackball. These machines are plug n play and will not require any assembly upon delivery. The Full sizeslim design arcade line doesn't just look good, but it also offers reduced weight of 95 lbs if you wondered how you'd bring it to your man cave or basement. 


The Four-player Arcade Machine - a true Classic home game cabinet, provides the look and feel of the original 80s arcades, but in a slim new design that doesn't compromise on playability or quality. Our line of arcade machines are perfect for classic games from the 80s all the way to the early 2000s. With a sleek, slim design, these arcades are great for any home gaming setup. The arcade machines have the ability to support excess of 17k games. Ships fully assembledready to play! Shop now and get your game on!


   Height: 69.5" 
   Width: 30.5" 
   Depth: 19" 
- 32" Smart TV w/remote control
- Rpi CPU board with 128GB micro SD card
- 6.5" speakers
- Amplifier with volume/treble/bass controls

- 4 Player set of buttons
- 4 Player set of Joysticks
- 3/4" Black T-Molding is standard (if you want any other color tmolding than the standard one, please type that in the section called Notes to seller-it will pop up before checkout. Available colors are Black, White, Blue, Red, Green or Yellow)
- Marquee with a LED backlight