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Who we are?

Just like many family businesses out there, we started small without any employees and it stayed that way for years. It all began at a small 800 sq. ft. shop we had in the middle of nowhere. The only thing that was close to us, was an old lumber warehouse where we were getting all our building materials. We had no brand(s) at that time and our main customers were a few man-cave type of stores who we supplied with classic, retro-style arcade cabinets. They were reselling arcades, pinball machines, darts, pool tables and other man-cave furniture to the public. 

   Fast forward a few years, we've added 2 larger buildings in different areas with a total space exceeding 18.000 sq. ft. The new extra space allowed us to increase our manufacturing, which resulted in serving more retail stores. A year into this and we have already worked with a couple of arcade companies, manufacturing their cabinets so they can focus on the marketing side of their businesses.

So, having that experience of making arcade cabinets for different companies and all in different styles, sparked a great idea, to create our own factory branded arcade line, which-will be a full size arcade experience but with a very important key factor - Affordability!

The Beginning of the Quality Arcades Brand

The brand started after years of making arcade machines for third party companies and establishments. We wanted to try something new and start the Quality Arcades brand with the mission of offering a full size unit with larger screen and the ability for 4 people to be able to play at the same time. The second purpose of the brand was to offer a fully built product that is plug-n-play and the most important of all - to be sold at the lowest possible prices in the industry. That way, people didn't have to wait for Christmas to come in order to get their dream arcade. 

At Quality Arcades we follow simple rules:

- We don't stand behind cliche slogans, promises or marketing tricks which some other companies tend to use in order to get a sale. We simply give you the best for the lowest price.

Customer Service:

Regardless of our great reviews(Thank you guys), we honestly think our customer service has room for improvement (no offense Zac). At the end of the day, we're an arcade manufacturing place and not a sales office. It's clear what we do and how we do it. If we had 5 people to answer the phone lines 24/7, send emails and chat with you guys then the price you'll pay would have to be quite different so if you happen to send an email to us and it's been a couple hours with no response, please be patient, we receive hundreds of emails and messages and we try to get back to everyone as soon as we can. 


You guys know the rest and we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone of you from gamers to regular folks like you and us who just want to play some retro-games, all the way to to your local arcade venues, airbnb & vrbo vacation rental homes, gentlemen clubs, barber and pizza shops as well as some industry giants such as some popular theme parks. The high demand and production volume, we get daily, helped us keep our prices at their lowest, just so you guys can have your own arcade for a fraction of the cost.