Who we are?

Like many family businesses, we started small and operated without any employees for several years. Our journey began in a modest 800 sq. ft. shop located in a remote area, with the closest landmark being an old lumber warehouse where we sourced our building materials. During this early phase, we had no established brand, and our primary customers were a few man-cave-type stores. We supplied them with classic, retro-style arcade cabinets, along with other man-cave furniture items like pinball machines, darts, pool tables, and more, which they resold to the public.

Fast forward a few years, and we expanded our operations by acquiring two larger buildings in different areas, providing us with a total space exceeding 18,000 sq. ft. This additional space allowed us to increase our manufacturing capacity, leading to collaborations with various retail stores. Within a year, we had partnered with several arcade companies, manufacturing cabinets for them while they focused on the marketing aspects of their businesses.

The Birth of the Quality Arcades Brand

Our experience in crafting arcade cabinets for different companies and in diverse styles inspired a significant idea—to establish our own factory-branded arcade line. This line aimed to offer a full-size arcade experience with a crucial emphasis on affordability. The Quality Arcades brand emerged as a result.

The brand originated after years of producing arcade machines for third-party companies and establishments. We envisioned the Quality Arcades brand with the mission of providing a full-size unit featuring a larger screen and accommodating up to four players simultaneously. Another key objective was to offer a fully assembled product that is plug-and-play, all while maintaining the lowest prices in the industry. This way, individuals didn't have to wait for special occasions to fulfill their dream of owning an arcade.

Guiding Principles at Quality Arcades:

  • We steer clear of cliché slogans, promises, or marketing tricks that some companies use to secure sales. Our approach is simple: delivering the best at the lowest price.

Customer Service:

Despite receiving positive reviews (thank you, everyone), we acknowledge that our customer service has room for improvement (no offense, Zac). As an arcade manufacturing place, not a sales office, our focus is on crafting quality products. While we strive to respond to emails and messages promptly, given the high volume we receive, patience is appreciated. If you've sent us an email and haven't received an immediate response, rest assured that we're working to get back to you as soon as possible.

To Everyone:

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone—from gamers and regular folks like us seeking retro-game fun to local arcade venues, Airbnb & VRBO vacation rental homes, gentlemen clubs, barber and pizza shops, as well as industry giants like popular theme parks. The daily high demand and production volume have enabled us to maintain our prices at their lowest, ensuring that you can have your own arcade for a fraction of the cost.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if there's anything else we can assist you with.