Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions of Sale applies to all items and arcades we sell, and the Purchaser (Buyer) agrees to all terms below by making any purchase from website:

Product Information and Set Up:

All arcade cabinets are custom made from scratch in the way you place the order. After manufacturing is completed, they are picked up and transported by commercial freight carriers. All arcade machines arrive fully assembled. They require a small amount of setup time and all you need to do is read the 1 page step by step instructions located on the back of the cabinet inside the small mylar bag. If you still need any help, we can correspond via email or get on a call and help you out. To remove the packaging and dismount the unit from the pallet, you would need a drill driver or an electric screwdriver and scissors to cut the straps of the box. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to items due to improper setup. In the event that setup is provided by a third party or the delivering company, we assume no responsibility for damage to the item or the premises to which the item is being delivered. If the product is placed on a carpet or if you wish to enhance its stability during intense gaming sessions where vigorous gameplay may lead to rocking, we recommend attaching a 1"-1.5" L-shaped bracket (also called furniture bracket) to the top center of the cabinet. Mount one side to the top center of the unit and the other to the wall for increased stability. If you need assistance finding one, please email We do not accept any responsibility if it's not secured appropriately. Do not order, if you believe the gaming cabinet may not be appropriate or may contain software or graphics not intended for kids, business or public places. We make no guarantees or assumptions that the content on these arcade machines is appropriate for any/all age groups, venues or business places. If you have any questions, please use the CONTACT US form or send us an email.

Shipping and Delivery: makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, on the delivery time of any products sold. Any estimates given are subject to change and are dependent on time and method of payment, product availability, and turnaround times of shipping companies. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, is subject to a price change from the flat rate of $395 here and needs to be discussed prior to placing an order on our website so we can provide an accurate shipping quote. The shipping address provided by the customer must be accessible by a semi-truck unless previously discussed with us prior to ordering(we can check your street access using map software). All shipments are delivered through a Freight Carriers. If you need an inside delivery, you need to ask the shipping company if such service is offered in your area(most freight companies do NOT offer white glove service, or if they do it is very expensive). The arcade machines weigh from 95-140 lbs and easy to carry through any standard door. We recommend having two people present during delivery for added safety when placing it in the desired space. However, if you need assistance, we can check if that service is available in your area and provide you with the extra cost. If the customer provides a shipping address that is not accessible, any auxiliary charges incurred must be paid by the customer. In the event of adverse weather conditions, including but not limited to extreme temperatures, storms, hurricanes, or other acts of nature, the shipping schedule may be subject to delays. Quality Arcades and the LTL carrier used for your shipment shall not be held responsible for any delays caused by weather-related incidents that are beyond reasonable control. It is understood that safety and the protection of the shipped goods are of paramount importance. The parties will make reasonable efforts to communicate any potential delays and work towards a timely resolution. 
If a customer is unable to receive an item due to inaccessibility or unavailability and it is returned, it will be considered a refusal to take delivery and will be subject to a partial refund according to the Cancellations and Returns Policy below. Refusal to take delivery of products will result in a refund of 50% of the purchase price, minus applicable shipping and storage costs. If you are unable to accept the shipment during the scheduled appointment with the LTL carrier, you will incur a redelivery fee of $200-$300, depending on the carrier, in addition to possible storage fees. If your order is redirected to the carrier's storage facility due to your unavailability to accept it, you will be responsible for the storage fees, as well as taxes. 

Shipping and Delivery(outside of the USA):

For any shipments outside of the US, please reach out to prior placing an order to find out more info on shipping cost. Those shipments may be subject to customs duties, import fees, tariffs and taxes. Please check with your local authorities or import broker for more accurate information on the subject. We are only responsible for shipping in the territory of the US.

Product Inspection:

We advise that you immediately unpack items upon receipt in the presence of the shipping company to inspect for any possible damage. Understand that a signature or acceptance from you automatically denies any insurance claim we file with a shipping carrier according to their policies. If a product is damaged, you must leave a note on the shipping paperwork or ask the carrier to do it for you while you're there and then refuse the shipment. You must also immediately contact us so we can make a report. We will file an insurance claim with the shipping company and deal with them while, in the meantime, work on making you a new unit. Minor damage including small scratches and nicks may be present on the item and represent normal wear from product packaging and transit. This type of damage does NOT warranty refusal of delivery or a product return.

Cancellations and Returns:

We make arrangements to prepare all arcade cabinets for shipment as soon as they are manufactured to the specs you've requested. Due to the nature of our products and the process of manufacturing, every cabinet is considered custom and made according to the selections you made when placing your order. Please understand that once an order is placed, we will start to work on your order right away. All orders are hand made and customized to your specifications. Transportation booking is made within the next 24-48 hours after an order is placed and not refundable. We do NOT accept cancelations! In some cases, if a cancelation is authorized, it will be subject to 50% restocking and labor fees. Customizations such as wraps, trackball, light-guns, spinners and other additional parts are ordered through third party vendors and also NOT subject to a refund or part of any warranty. Please contact us at if you have any problems with your order immediately after placing it, so, changes can be applied on time. Refusal to take delivery of products will result in a refund of 50% of the purchase price, minus applicable shipping and storage costs. If you are unable to accept the shipment during the scheduled appointment with the LTL carrier, you will incur a redelivery fee of $200-$300, depending on the carrier, in addition to possible storage fees. If your order is redirected to the carrier's storage facility due to your unavailability to accept it, you will be responsible for the storage fees, as well as taxes. We do accept returns as long as the item is in the original condition as received. Just contact us within 1 day of delivery confirming you'll be sending it back and arrange/ship items back within 7 days of delivery. We do not guarantee how the buyer uses the cabinet or if they make any assumption of the functionality or capabilities or the content the cabinets, nor what they are capable of. Neither is a subject for return. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.


Our 6 months Limited Warranty, covers phone diagnosis and shipping replacement parts of the defective components for up to 6 months from the time of purchase. The TV warranty depends on the vendor who we received it from. This warranty does not cover abuse or misuse or any item that is moved or repaired without authorization by us. Arcades used at any business or rental property are excluded from any warranty. We are here to help with any issue you may experience, so feel free to reach out.

Legal Fees:

We have the right to collect from purchasers all reasonable costs and expenses incurred in the collection of any sums owed by Purchaser and we shall not be obligated to make any further deliveries to Purchaser. Such reasonable costs and expenses shall include, but not be limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees.

4-Way vs 8-Way Joystick movement:

All units come with standard 8-way Joysticks. It means how many directions the joystick will move in. The 8-way joysticks most arcade cabinets come with, move in the up, down, left, right, as well as all 4 diagonal directions. 99% of the Multi-Arcade cabinets nowadays use these, since it allows you to play the vast majority of games out there(not more than 35-40 classic games benefit from a 4-way and that's the reason why they are not as popular anymore).

A 4-way refers to a 4 direction movement and those joysticks only allow movement in the up, down, left and right directions. Original P@cMan cabinets from back in the day came with those types of joysticks, since diagonal movement is not needed and it also makes it easier to execute the directions very easily. If you attempt to play a 4-way game with an 8-Way Joystick, we recommend practicing the 4 directions for accuracy without hitting any diagonal directions before you assume something is wrong with gameplay or the joystick. This will ensure a perfect play/movement. Another option is to turn the restrictor(circular) joystick plate located on the bottom of the joystick core until it locks the movement to a 4-way.

For those of you who want an authentic 100% 4-way restricted movement, we suggest you purchase and install a designated, aftermarket 4-way joystick and add it to the control panel. You can either buy it online or ask us to help you with finding one if needed.


The purchaser (Buyer) confirms that they have read, and agrees to, all terms, conditions and store policies listed in this document.