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Check out some of the FAQ's below and feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

Q: How long does it take to receive my arcade cabinet? 
A: It depends on the amount of the orders we have at the moment as well as the weather conditions. Average turnaround time is 3 to 3.5 weeks depending on the area the arcade is shipping to


Q: How is it going to be transported to my house?
A: All arcades ship on pallets through various Freight Shipping companies. Freight companies do NOT bring units inside your house. However, all units weigh in around 90 lbs so 2 people could very easily move it around if needed.


Q: How much is shipping and handling?

A: Our high volume created a great opportunity to lock-in the lowest shipping rates in the country. Not only we we able to do that but even better, we passed the savings to you the client. Instead of us benefiting from the the discounted rate we did the opposite a business would do and lowered our rates so you guys can enjoy the savings. We were able to get the shipping prices from around $500 all the way down to a flat rate $295 per unit for all States except PR, AK and HI(reach out prior ordering for a quote if you live in the 3 States above). The $295 we charge covers all the S&H costs including a pallet, a thick heavy duty box, straps, packaging film wrap and supplies as well as all the transit charges with an extra residential, lift-gate delivery fee ALL INCLUDED. So yes, the $295 flat rate we have in place is America's lowest rate for a 6 ft. arcade machine.


Q: Can I get an update on my order? I placed my order 5 days ago and haven't heard from anyone?!
A: Please understand we work 11-12 hour days and we try to minimize our email/phone correspondence and invest that time in building everyone's arcades. Luckily we have never had a slow day. Everyday is beyond busy at our factory as well as on the phone lines. We try to get back to everyone's missed calls and messages but sometimes we fail. So please do not call or message about updates on you order, if it's in the normal range of 4 weeks. It's a standard procedure for All US Freight Carriers to call the receiver to the phone number provided, once the shipment arrives at your local terminal. When that happens they will reach out to you to book a delivery date and time with you. If there is a  complication and for some reason the order will be late then you will hear from us. Not getting a call from us is a good thing, that means everything is going well and you should get your order in the usual 3-4 week timeframe depending on where we're shipping to. Regardless, we'd like to remind you that we are an arcade factory and the fact we offer fully built arcades from scratch in under a month is something no other manufacturing business offers!

**If you have a custom order you need to get in touch with us prior placing the order, so we can further discuss it and make adjustments. 

Q: I haven't received a call from the transportation company but they said, it was shipped 4 days ago?
A: Freight transportation companies will call you when the unit reaches your local terminal and will make arrangement with you for a delivery date and time when the residential delivery will take place. Majority of the 18-wheeler freight trucks are going through multiple freight terminals until the final destination. Please be aware that getting a large item like this is different process than a getting a small item through the regular postal office. 


Q: I've never received a confirmation for my order but I see that the charge went through a few days ago?! What's going on?

A: Our site doesn't allow you to pay unless you provide an email OR a phone number. Most of the time, a customer registers with his/her email and then doesn't complete their purchase until the next day when they register another account since they forgot their password. So now their new account cannot have the same email so they end up registering with their phone number instead. When they checkout then a text message is sent to that same number they put on file. The system automatically detects what you have provided(email or phone) and sends confirmation there. You can reach out to us for a copy of the invoice if that's what you need to get and we'll help you out. Just send us an email to