Interview with an Arcade Machine owner who purchased his dream game cabinets from Quality Arcades

Interview with an Arcade Machine owner who purchased his dream game cabinets from Quality Arcades

Interview with an Arcade Machine owner who purchased his dream game cabinets from Quality Arcades

In this article, we are going to have a chat with an avid arcade machine buyer, Bob, who has purchased several machines from Quality Arcades. Bob has kindly agreed to share his thoughts and opinions on arcade machine buying, and his experience with Quality Arcades. We'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of buying arcade machines, the variety of machines available, and the quality of service that Bob received from Quality Arcades. Let's dive in!

Benefits of Buying Arcade Machines

Bob believes that the main benefit of buying an arcade machine is the nostalgia that comes with it. He states that "there's nothing quite like playing on a classic arcade machine. It takes me back to my childhood, and I love introducing my kids to the games I used to play."

Aside from the nostalgia factor, Bob also notes that arcade machines can be a great addition to social gatherings, parties, and events. "There's something special about having a group of people around an arcade machine, competing and having fun together."

Drawbacks of Buying Arcade Machines

However, Bob is quick to acknowledge that there are some drawbacks to buying arcade machines. He notes that they can be expensive and take up a lot of space. "You really have to be committed to owning an arcade machine, both financially and in terms of space. Quality Arcades line up of arcade cabinets are compact due to their slim design but at the same time, they are still the original height so those of you thinking of buying one, need to find space at your home specially if you’re like me and getting more than one "


Variety of Machines Available

When it comes to buying arcade machines, Bob says that the variety of machines available is "astonishing." Quality Arcades simplifies that  by offering the best sellers in each category of retro arcades. 

Bob's personal favorite classic game is zaxxon. "It's just such a fun game, and it never gets old. I could play for hours."

Quality of Service at Quality Arcades

Finally, we talk about Bob's experience with Quality Arcades. He states that the company provided "excellent service from start to finish." He found the website easy to navigate and appreciate the detailed information and photos of each machine. He also notes that the customer service team was helpful and responsive when he had questions. When he called their 1-800 line , they pick up right away and provided excellent information which helped Bob decide. “I called their sales line and was expecting to talk to an auto bot or a secretary from a different county.”   

Overall, Bob highly recommends Quality Arcades to anyone considering buying an arcade machine. "The quality of the machines and service is excellent. It's a worthwhile investment if you're a fan of classic games and want to add some nostalgia to your home."

In conclusion, we've learned from Bob's experience that buying arcade machines can provide a fun and nostalgic addition to any home or social gathering. While they do come with some drawbacks, the variety of machines available and the quality of service at Quality Arcades makes it a worthwhile investment for arcade enthusiasts.


1. Are arcade machines expensive?
- the ones sold at your local gaming store yes, they can be very expensive as they are often rare and collectible items. However, Quality Arcades offers competitive prices for their high-quality machines line up. Send them an email if you’re interested and in less than 15 mins they will reply back to you whiting minutes. 

2. Can arcade machines be used for events and parties?
- Absolutely! Arcade machines can be a fun and unique addition to any gathering.

3. What types of arcade machines are available at Quality Arcades?
- Quality Arcades offers a wide range of arcade machines. They even have different size screens so if you’re in the market for one, I’m sure they will have it. 

4. Is Quality Arcades a reliable company to purchase from?
- Yes, Bob highly recommends Quality Arcades for their quality machines and excellent customer service.